“I feel alone lately.

I hang out, eat, and shop — but still, I feel empty.

Is it because I’m twenty three? Maybe.

Or is it because you’re not  here with me?



When K-POP hits me hard.

High school days for me was about black eyeliner, converse shoes, earphone , black bag and black accessories. Yup. Emo kid starter pack. (//_+) I was raised with rock music genre. My brother had a punk band before (he used to be the bassist). My sister, on the other hand, was fond of listening to rock songs. She even attended gigs, concerts  of some bands. And yeah, It runs in the blood I guess.

Some of my favorite bands are Mayday Parade, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, All Time Low, Matchbook Romance, Incubus,  We the Kings, Alesana, Silverstein, 30 Seconds to Mars and Fall Out Boy. (Rock & Roll) \m/
I will never forget when I ditched class and attended a gig somewhere in Alabang with my sister. I don’t know if our parents knew about it. But I was in that level of being into rock music before. We attended Pulp Summer Slam too. For those who don’t know, Pulp Summer Slam is an annual music festival in the Philippines. The festival consists of local and international rock and metal bands with the occasional line-up of hip hop, ska, reggae, pop rock, and other genres. (INTENSE!!!) 

I was in my junior year when I first heard about K-POP. I didn’t care much about it back then. My seatmate collected key chains with some Asian guys on it. She said it was a Korean group named Super Junior. She asked me to try listening to their songs. Some of the groups that she proudly listed are Bigbang, Wonder girls, SNSD, and 2ne1 (with Sandara Park). Anddddd,  so I did.

Days, weeks, months, until I graduated  High School, I’ve been listening and enjoying K-POP songs. Like OMG! WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?! I downloaded K-POP songs and deleted those rock songs that I’ve been listening for quite sometime. It was really addicting (in a positive way). I even influenced my sister to listen to the songs. Hahahaha! And, I must say K-POP hits me so hard. Like, WONHAE MANHI MANHI MANHI!! 😀 

Me & my sister are now certified K-POP fan. Yes, CERTIFIED. Like when you borrow my phone, you can’t find other songs except from Hillsong (Christian band) & Up Dharma Down (fave Filipino band) and 95% of K-POP songs. I know a lot of K-POP groups now and I’ve been listening to their songs for a couple years now. I will give my Top 6
favorites. (This is only my opinion) Please click the link to view their profile. 🙂

  1.   BTS
  2.  Bigbang
  3.  2ne1
  4.  Got7
  5.  EXO

By the way, I’ve mentioned the word K-POP  a lot of time, for those who don’t know K-POP yet, Here’s the link of its meaning. K P O P. Thanks to wikipedia. hahaha :>

I wonder how K-POP hit other people too. Hahaha. I would want to hear about your stories. Free to comment below. Let’s chat about our K-POP group bias. FIGHTING!!!

Oh by the way, this is me before & after knowing K-POP. HAHAHAHAHAHA! v.v


Me as a typical  Emo kid


Me when I discovered K-POP